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Safeguarding your recruitment process increases quality in new hires and retention in the workplace

Good help is hard to find. In recruiting, Results are at their worst when the process is rushed or if there isn’t a format or structure to follow at all. Throughout my career, one of the most common statements I’ve heard from other managers or business leaders is: they need “quality” employees, but they don’t have the time to look for them. Yet, with little to no process, an applicant applies and they are offered the job almost on the spot.

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5 Low-Cost Easy Ways to Show Your Employee's Appreciation

Wednesday, Mar 2, 2022

Most people like to feel valued, appreciated, and celebrated in their relationships, right? Well, it is no different in the workplace. Employees generally like to feel like they bring purpose and value to their positions (giving them a sense of belonging and fulfillment). One of the simplest ways …

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